Monthly Archives: June 2010

A Sower Went Out To Sow

Today, I want to share a personal journal entry with you.  I pray it will be a blessing!

Matthew 13:3 And he told them many things in parables, saying: “A sower went out to sow.”


A sower went out to sow.


This struck me so powerfully just now.  What does a sower do?  Sow.


They go out to sow.  They know they are sowing.  It is on purpose.  Recognized.  Intentional.


We are always sowing.  And what we sow, we reap.


If I remembered every day, all the time, that I am going out to sow…how much more intentional would I be?


No seed being dropped in all the wrong places…


No seed wasted, mouldering, because I am just sitting.  Afraid.  Lazy.  Whatever.


Not to mention I would not be surprised when I reap what I sow.  I am reminded of the dad who told me the story of the time he chopped one of his son’s toys in half with a cleaver because he had been going to shoot it (airplane of some kind) at his other son.  He told me this while we were waiting for that other son’s court hearing about his pulling a knife on his mom…


We are always sowing.


Reaping may take time, but we will also reap.


God, do you ever pull up seeds?  Pull them up when we repent for sowing the wrong ones?  That would be mercy, and you are a merciful God.  Or You give us the strength and wisdom to harvest and separate the crop.  Burn up the bad seeds, end the cycle.


We can also rest assured that when we sow good seed, our good crop will come!  It may not be on our timetable, but it WILL come in just the RIGHT time.


“A sower went out to sow.”


I am a sower.  I am to sow excellence, heart, passion, truth, compassion, kindness, humility, wisdom, and The Good News most of all!  Lord, help me to sow good seed!