Monthly Archives: July 2012


I came out to the porch early this morning to read and drink my coffee, and there he was:  Only a few millimeters in length himself…just a tiny guy, sitting in the center of his very impressive web.  A web that he had spun and hung since our dinner party last night.


I REALLY don’t like spiders, but I am impressed.  So much so that I called a truce…he is still sitting in the middle of his web and I am sitting two chairs away from him.


The web spans several feet.  The center is a good 6 inches around…6 inches filled with intricate webbing.  He must have spun most of the night.  I bet he is hungry and tired.  What do tiny spiders eat?  Do I have any?  Am I actually considering FEEDING this spider?


I am just so impressed with his industry.


It is amazing how hard you can work when survival is at stake.  There are no lazy survivors.  This became my prayer:


“God, infuse me with urgency.  Urgency for the souls around me…at Venue, at school, in my neighborhood.  May I live with the excellence and industry of this tiny spider.”


I Corinthians 14:1 came to mind, which reads “Go after a life of love as if your life depended on it—because it does.”  (Message).  I think it was this survival instinct that God was tapping into when He commanded us to love others as we love ourselves!  God knew what we would learn–that the industry of our lives takes on great meaning when that industry is aimed at loving others and connecting them to the Kingdom of God.  Join me in loving someone with urgency today!  Lives depend on it!


I never thought I would say this…but I am thankful for this spider.  (But just this ONE.)