Monthly Archives: September 2012


So there I was, reading Ezekiel…because that was the next book in my chronological Bible reading plan.  The end of Ezekiel details the specs of the new Temple.  It is filled with measurements and decrees and standards and commands.


As I read, I was struck with God’s order.  He is so orderly.  The Kingdom of God is based on order and not chaos.  I know I saw a theme of order in this list of the exact dimensions of the rooms of the temple, partially because I like order…I like systems and standards and logic.


But pushing that aside…I will resist the temptation to use these chapters to say “See!  You should clean your house and your inbox and stick to a schedule!  You shouldn’t leave paper bits on the floor of the classroom, and you shouldn’t, shouldn’t, shouldn’t leave your shoes ANYWHERE!”


Rather, I will to go deeper, because over and over again I see that God desires order of the heart and mind.


Order in my motives.


Order in my self-talk.


Order in my relationships.


My heart in order, my mind in order.


The results and fruits of allowing God’s Word to bring order to my inner life are incredible.  Peace.  Clarity.  Patience.  Purpose (not acting out of my own core fears).  Effectiveness (less sideways energy).


So, where are our hearts and minds in and out of order?  Big question.  Gonna take some prayer and listening, but the results are more than worth it.