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Adoption Update # 1

Baby – I can’t wait to share Christmas with you.  To celebrate with you & inspire/anchor your belief in the One and Only God.  He works in majestic and mysterious ways…all He does is wonderful.  I hope to draw freshness from your child-like faith, and offer you wisdom in return.  Your father and I will love loving you. 


Yesterday was a big day!  We received word that our adoption license has been approved!  This means that the State of IL has found us fit to be adoptive parents–special thanks to all who sent in references, etc.  We appreciate your time and we know that all the paperwork is tedious!

The next step is for us to put the finishing touches on what is called our “profile,” which is basically a mini-magazine all about us.  Honestly, I feel bad for the other couples who don’t have a graphic designer in the family 🙂  Aaron has done an amazing job (he is so talented).  He said it has been a more difficult project because of the personal nature…I think it is just because he gets lost in looking at gorgeous pictures of me…LOL.  When it is finished, we will put it up here for you all to take a look at.  It really is a strange thing to create a document that is all about you!

Once our profile is submitted, it goes “live.”   This means that our agency can then share it with birth families who are interested in placing a child with adoptive parents.  We are open to as open of an adoption as the birth family wants–meaning, we will share correspondence back and forth, meet up for “play dates” and special events if they would like, and basically stay connected.  Aaron and I see ourselves as partnering with the birth family to do all that we can to raise a wonderful child.

There are 25 families with our agency right now (they keep it to this number so that no one family is waiting too long).  They hope to keep the entire process (from the home study to the child placement) to at or around two years.  We are already at the 6 month mark.  When a birth family connects with the agency, the maternity worker will interview them, and then select a few profiles that he or she thinks might be good matches.  We will then get a call informing us about the birth family and say yes or no to sharing our profile.  If we say yes, then our profile is given to the family to look over.  If they select us, then it is just a matter of time (depending on how far along the mother is) before our little one comes home!

Our goals at this point:

One – and this is a HUGE one…save up/raise the $18,000 that this will cost.  That is the agency fee and covers all case worker involvement, processing fees, medical fees, and follow-up counseling/care for the birth family and for us.  We have already come up with $4,000 to pay for everything up to this point (mainly the home study and license).  Glad we serve a generous God!

Two – get our nursery ready!  Sometimes a birth family chooses adoption at the hospital!   That means we could get a call and bring our little one home with only a day or two notice.  So we need to get the basics ready.

And those are enough goals for now.  Whew.


Sorry for the long blog…but now that we are all in the know about the process, shorter updates will do!