Adoption Update # 2

Baby – 

2013 may very well be your year!  We are praying for you.  We pray that as you form and develop, you would sense our prayers and come to know our voices, our hearts, our love…so that when you are placed in our arms it will be home.  Grow strong and be safe.  We love you.  

Our profile is done!  Aaron is going to put it here some way so that you can take a look at it…please don’t think we think we are all that!  It was very odd to make a book filled with words and pictures about ourselves, but we were motivated by thinking of the birth family who will be looking at it and trying so desperately to read between the lines and connect with a family that will raise their beloved child.  We are humbled by the powerful kind of love that would carry a child to term and look to release them to another family who is at a place where they can provide in a different way for this cherished child.  That takes wisdom, courage and humility.  Birth family – we so respect you.  We pray often that we will also have the wisdom, courage, and humility it will take to raise this cherished child.  I know God will help us all.

View the Profile here (this may take a moment – it’s a 10mb file):

Campbell’s Adoption Profile