Adoption Update # 3


Baby – we started painting your room last night. The little rocker in your room used to belong to me; it used to be avocado green, which was so hip in the 70‘s. Your dad painted it yellow for you. The walls are a cozy gray and one is filled with chevrons – thank your dad for that! We can’t wait to rock you to sleep, tell you stories, make shadow puppets with the night light, and fill your heart with truth about God in this room. We have so many good things to tell you about Him. We are praying for you everyday. You will know that this is home the minute we take you into our arms.

Aaron and I are doing all we can to get ready for the phone call we are waiting for–that a family has chosen us! That call could come any time, so we are busy getting the basics together and concentrating on the fundraising. $22,000 is a lot of money to us! We have already saved and payed close to $6,000, so only $16,000 to go! God knows. I really don’t know how people who don’t submit their lives to God’s guidance live…without my trust in His provision, His wisdom, and His timing, I would be a total mess!

Aaron put up five additional teachings of mine in the store portion of our website. We invite you to check them out!