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Adoption Update #4

Baby – 

Someday, when you are feeling low, I am going to pull out a special box and look through its contents with you.  The box will hold each one of the cards that people have sent along with donations to help us with the finances needed to bring you home.  Everyone of these people loved you before they even met you, and by the time we read these cards they will love you even more.  I know you will have questions; that is ok.  Ask whatever questions you have, don’t hold back.  Your Father and I will be here for you through every twist and turn of this journey.  My prayer is that knowing how much we were all looking forward to you will help you believe how valuable and wanted you are.  I can’t wait to meet you; you are already my treasure and my sunshine.   


This past Sunday, some dear friends of ours, Rand and Mariene Oman, held an open house in support of the adoption process.  Here is the invite:




If you were not able to be there, or live too far away to make it, you can still be part of bringing Baby C home!  Please don’t feel any pressure to give!  We just want to make the opportunity available.  Our “Adopt-O-Meter” is looking good, thanks to the incredible generosity of so many.  Aaron and I are speechless.  This morning (Valentine’s Day morning) we took a minute to sit in the nursery and be thankful.  Thank you.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  We love you all so much.