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Adoption Update #6

Baby –


Your stroller is all put together in the dining room, waiting to take you on adventures (or just to the grocery store…which I hear will be an adventure for me!)  Your bassinet is in our bedroom, waiting for sweet dreams and there is a rocker in the nursery ready for midnight feedings and lullabies.  You already have a bookshelf that is filling up with favorite books and the timeless tales that help us all navigate this thing called life.  It is no accident that you will come to your father and I.  We know it will be hard sometimes, but we will all be able to find peace in this truth – we belong to each other.  Our hearts are full of excitement as we wait for your arrival, knowing that someday soon you will fill our arms!  I cannot wait to tell you story after story about the love, prayers, support and gifts you have received from the ones that will be part of your extended family.  You are already loved deeply by many!  


Kiss you soon – 



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What a journey this has been–I wish I could hug each and every one of you that have taken it with us.  We have needed, and are grateful for, your support.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!


The Adopt-O-Meter keeps creeping towards “Paid In Full!”  Every few days as another check arrives in the mail, or someone gives online, Aaron and I just stand in the kitchen and shake our heads in amazement.  We have the best friends and family!  This little one is about to be adopted into the most amazing extended family!  I have been laughing lately as I imagine Baby C looking up at me with a furrowed brow and asking, “Who, exactly, am I related to?”  My reply is going to be “ALL OF US!”  We really are all one big family, bonded together with the love that only comes from God.


We don’t have an exact timeline of when Baby C is going to arrive, so life right now feels like the stop at the top of the big drop on a roller coaster.  The last year of fund-raising, the home study, back ground checks, nursery preparations, etc. has felt like the slow climb to the top of the big drop, and now we are sitting there waiting for the real ride of our lives to begin!  We have had a few situations with birth families come up, but nothing that has solidified as of yet.  We are trusting God for the right match–He has a little one that He wants us to nurture and raise up.


I would not consider myself to be wise, but I have learned the hard way to allow things to unfold in God’s timing–He really does know best & we are content to wait for His will to be realized.


As we have taken this journey, my eyes have been opened to the need for the church to be praying for birth moms.  These women have an incredibly weighty decision to make.  The world has offered them a “solution” and it takes great courage to turn that down and decide to either raise their child or release their child.  Please add these women to your prayer list.  I would like to see Christ-followers all across the nation and around the world taking a larger roll in child welfare.  There IS something you can do!  Foster, adopt, support local groups through donations and spreading awareness, etc.   Let’s step up and take care of the single mothers & children that desperately need the church to be the church in our communities!