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Adoption Update – Jack is Home!

Jack – You were born on Tuesday at 7:42am!  You weighed 6.5 lbs and were 20 inches long.  You’ve been a big eater, and so far you enjoy being awake and lively between midnight and 5am.  You are our pride and joy, and we are so thankful that we get to be your mom and dad…

Our little boy, Jack North Campbell is finally here.  After much prayer, paperwork, hope, faith, relationship, and support this little boy came home to Rockford yesterday.  We’re not sleeping too much yet, so this will not be an extensive post… but there is a lot of story to be told in the future.  Suffice to say Jack has some of the bravest people that we have ever met as birth parents, and we already count them as part of the family!

This is the 4th day in the adventures of Cap’n Jack Campbell, and there will be many, many more to come.  Thank you for celebrating with us!