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Being Jack’s mom


Jack –

Momma loves you.  I…I am without many words.  Someday you will know what a big deal that is, and that it signifies when something is so so so deep that it is hard for me to express.  I don’t know how to put into words what it means to me to be your mom.  Yesterday, you had fallen asleep on my shoulder.  Something startled you–a bad dream perhaps, or some discomfort.  All I could do was comfort you.  You are going to have bad dreams.  You are going to be uncomfortable, in pain even, at times.  Sometimes, I will be able to take action and fix the problem.  More often, life’s troubles aren’t “fixable” like that.  Yesterday I said these words to you.  Today, I write them down so you can read them someday.  Hopefully by the time you read them, you will know them to be true because of how I have loved you.  

“Momma is here.  I can’t promise to be able to fix everything, but I do promise to be here.  To love you.  To be with you in it, whatever it is.”

Welcome to the adventure my boy.  Come what may, we are in it together.  

Momma loves you.

Jack was born on July 9th in Champaign-Urbana.  Aaron and I were able to be present at his birth, which was an incredible gift from his birth parents, whom we think are pretty stinking incredible.  The hospital staff was amazed at the relationship we all have with each other.  We all agree that this is something special.

To each person who has prayed, given, supported, rejoiced and gone on this journey with us, we say thank you.  I hope each one of you has the chance to look into Jack’s eyes someday; he is, well, wonderful.  And you are part of that.

Forever grateful –

Erin, Aaron & Jack

(and Sherpa…but she is only a little grateful)