Sherpa Dove In

When Sherpa dove in…

I was mad.

We had come to the park for a quick walk; a few minutes outside to off-set a few long week inside with a new baby.

I just needed some fresh air and for no one to poop on me.

I did not want to have to deal with a muddy, wet Golden Retriever. (Who had also spent a few weeks inside with a new baby.)

So when we came around the curve where the path begins to run alongside the creek in the park, I was already yelling.

“Sherpa, no!”


Then I looked over the bank and saw this face:


I was still mad, but less so.

She was having a much-needed romp in the creek.

And then it hit me – how often do I miss out on something wonderful just because I grumpily decide that I don’t want to deal with any possible mess?

Because sometimes…

…I don’t say hello to the person waiting in the line with me because I don’t want to spend the energy talking to a stranger. Besides, what if they open up?

…I don’t invite people to church events because I don’t want to face them possibly not liking it.

…I don’t give in the special offering because I am afraid I won’t have enough money for something we need.

…I don’t take risks because I am afraid of failure.

I am not proud of these moments.

There is nothing redeeming about missing out on so much good just because I am afraid of a little (or a lot) of mess.

Sherpa was right that day in the park; we must dive in!

I am trying to put my actions where my words are on this one. When I knew God was leading me to leave my 9-5 ministry and teaching job to stay home with Jack, that looked messy. How would we pay the bills? What did that mean for my ministry? I love to teach the Word of God.

In the end, the choice was clear; I was to stay home with Jack. I honestly haven’t had one regret.

But there have been messy times.

One of those is that I have finally found the time and push to do something with a story that unfolded in my mind while I was sitting at a stoplight almost two years ago. I finally wrote it down, and then found an editor, and then an illustrator, and with much encouragement have embarked on the journey of publishing.


Right now we are coming to the end of a window of time for fundraising. If we don’t have $12,000 by October 6, the project stalls out. I totally feel like I am mid-air in my jump off the bank of the creek into the water…I have left the nice, neat, boring bank, but I am not yet splashing around having the time of my life in the creek. I am just hanging, mid-air, wondering if this is going to work out.

But at least I jumped! I believe in the message of this book, and I think it is a story worth telling. I might get a little mud in my eye, but at the end of the day I really would rather live life to the fullest, mud included, than sit grumpy on the bank.

So here’s to diving in! There are no guarantees, but a whole lot more possibilities!
Thanks Sherpa! It was a lesson worth learning.


PS. If you would like to be part of Hark (the story I was just talking about) follow this link to find out how you can get involved and help out! The deadline for funding is October 6…either the project will move forward…or end…talk about jumping off the bank! (If all the funding doesn’t get pledged, you won’t lose your money, so it is no-risk for you. Kickstarter doesn’t pull the funds from everyone unless the full amount is raised.)