Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Wind in Jack’s Hair

 A few weeks ago, Jack and I met a dear friend at an apple orchard near town.  Jack is still way too young to enjoy the apples and cider, or to feed the goats or ride the horses, but he did experience one incredible thing.

The wind in his hair.

I was holding him in my arms and he was hungrily working on a bottle.  A breeze blew over us and played with the shock of hair that sticks up on Jack’s wonderful little head.   Jack’s eyes locked with mine and as clear as day sent me this message:

“Did you feel that?  What is that?  Will it ever happen again?  Wonderful, amazing, delicious, scintillating! (I expect him to have a large and well-rounded vocabulary.)  Oh!  There it was again! Have you ever felt this before mom?  Have you?”

Through his experience, I felt the wind in my hair for the first time all over again.

“That is the wind, Jack.  There is nothing quite like it on a hot day.  I hope it always blows for you when you need it.  Enjoy every moment!”

I pray that I never forget the look on his face, the wonder and amazement in his eyes.  It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to see the world all over again, all new, through my son’s eyes.

Today, as you go through what is easily the 6,336th day of your life (if you are over 18, add 352 for every year), may it be with fresh eyes.  Try whispering this prayer as you move through your day:  “God, show me where You are at work here, and I will join You!”  God will open your eyes to see as He does–the person who needs a smile, the child who needs to be noticed, the trash that needs thrown away, the word of encouragement or advice that can be given.  God will show you the people whose hearts are open.  He is looking for anyone who is willing to really see the world around them.

Try it.  At the end of a day where you have allowed God to direct your attention to His wonders all around and to His work in people’s lives through you, it will be a lot like the day when you felt the wind in your hair for the first time.

And what a feeling that is!