A Boat-Load of Courage

You were not given gifts and talents to impress yourself with.  You were not given them to just share with the people who seek you out and think you are awesome.  You were given the gifts, talents, abilities and loves that you have in order to add something to the whole world.  You must find your place and your way to share.

In order to do that, you are going to need a boat-load of courage.

The courage to give has to come from a love for the people you are giving it to, no matter what.

The courage to share and give and create cannot come from just loving what you are sharing or giving or creating. Ultimately, that is a self-serving kind of love.  And selfish love has limits.  It is fragile.  It doesn’t have long-haul endurance.  It can be tainted.  It cannot provide the backbone, patience, tenacity, will, fearlessness, fortitude, pluck and daring that stepping out to offer to others the gifts that God has given you will require.

When love is your courage factory, then you have a great answer for the doubts and negativity that will arise.

“You are going to share THAT?”    Yes, because someone might be blessed.

“You are nobody.”  So what?  This isn’t about me anyway.

“No one cares about what you have to give.”  I am responsible to share what God has given me.  Love does not horde.

“So, you think you are something now.”  No, love is something!  And love is why I am stepping out to share.

“I don’t like your _________.”  That is o.k. I will courageously keep going because love keeps no record of wrongs.  Love can endure some haters.

“This is a crazy idea.”  Good!  Love does some crazy big things!

If you have allowed the fear of man, fear of judgement, fear that what you have to share or give or do isn’t good enough or isn’t important, then read the following words like one hundred times until they sink into your heart:

Do not withhold the gifts, talents and abilities God knit into you when He formed you.  He gave you ideas to contribute, art and music to create, stories to tell, things to build and bake and share, wisdom to impart, and encouragement to pour out into those who need it.  Find the courage to do all of this creating and building and contributing and imparting in love.  Love for the people who will receive.  It isn’t about you, or the greatness of your gift.  It is about believing in the value and the worth of the people in this world who will miss out on your piece of the goodness and wonder and creativity of God if you hold back.

Don’t hold back.