Somebody’s Watching Me

No matter who you are, someone is watching. Someone is looking to you for leadership, permission, or approval. As I was putting Jack down for his nap yesterday, I found myself praying this right out loud –

God –

May I have faith, showing that You are faithful.

May I be content, showing that You are satisfying.

May I have joy, showing that You are good.

May I have peace, showing that You are a perfect provider.

May I have courage, showing that You are strong.

May I have love, showing that You first loved me.

May I be grateful, showing that You are generous.

May I be merciful, showing Your mercy.

May I be enduring, showing Your steadfastness.

May I be kind, showing Your gentleness.

May I be bold, showing Your power.

May I be humble and willing to apologize, showing that You are Lord.

My little one is watching, and I want him to see You in me.

Jack is watching me, and what I want him to see is God – the One True God. I know there is no way that I will present a perfect picture of God to him, to my spouse, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and those I briefly engage in the comings and goings of life. However, the Bible does say that we are to let our light shine so that others will see and glorify God (Matthew 5:16) and that no one has ever seen God, but that if we love one another, His love is brought to full expression in us, and that expression of God in us is what draws others to Him (I John 4:12).

I cannot be perfect. You cannot be perfect. But we can daily open our lives up more and more to God, asking Him and allowing Him to fill us with Himself. Less of me, more of You, until we are as Paul so wonderfully puts it it in Ephesians – wholly filled and flooded with God Himself (Ephesians 3:19).

So today, I again bowed my head and opened my heart to God – fill me today, Lord. Flood me with all that You are. I will decrease, that You may increase, because the world is watching and they are looking for You.