Monthly Archives: May 2014

My First Mother’s Day

Jack is asleep. I am sitting at my computer…and words are few. I have only two:



Grateful to God for His strong, and yet gentle, love for me every moment of every day of this journey. His care for me wasn’t always evident in the physical circumstance, but it was always present when I turned to Him for comfort along the way.

Humbled by the trust He demonstrated for Aaron & I when He brought Jack into our family.

Humility seems to be where it is at for me this past year, in a very good way. The more I embrace humility, the weaker the hold of perfectionism becomes on my life.

The more I embrace humility, the deeper my thankfulness becomes, and therefore the stronger my joy becomes!

The more I embrace humility, the more I am able to truly lean on God for guidance, wisdom, strength and creativity for life.

The more I embrace humility, the more at peace I am.

I will not be the perfect mother, or wife, or Christian. (I don’t really believe such a thing exists…they are specters created by control issues and fear.)

I will humbly accept God’s perfect love in my life, which casts out fear and floods me with gratitude and zest for life.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there who nurtures and loves others – Motherhood is more than giving physical birth, it is humbly loving and caring for others. Let yourself off the hook of perfectionism. Let the others in your life off the hook too! Humility is the opening that allows us to deeply accept God’s love, and then to turn around and generously give that same love away to others.

Jack just woke up; I am going to go and love on my boy.