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The August Song

I love this time of year; perhaps you do too.  Many, many years ago I filled composition books with poetry; I distinctly remember standing on our back deck gazing at the moon as only a 16 year old girl can, then somberly penning the lines of a poem that eventually won the Rockford Women’s Club poetry award.  Soon after that I stopped writing poetry.  I suffered the fate of so many young artists…I took a class that included a poetry section and realized I wasn’t doing it right.  So I quit.


Until a few weeks ago.


These lines came to me on a walk.  They welled up and bounced around and wrote themselves.  They stuck, and I wrote them down when I got home.  A few weeks later, I shared them with my husband, who said, “That is wonderful.”  With his encouragement, I now share them with you.


Perhaps I will write more poetry, perhaps not.  I do know that it doesn’t matter if what you do matches up with what others have done or with what a textbook says is the “right” way to do it.  Art is about finding the cosmos in the chaos, the order in the disorder, the beauty in the grief.  Author Madeleine L’Engle believes the purpose of art to to take us towards wholeness.  “In art, either as creators or as participators, we are helped to remember some of the glorious things we have forgotten, and some of the terrible things we are asked to endure, we who are children of God by adoption and grace.”  I agree.

To all those who love this time of year, or perhaps did but you have forgotten, I give you The August Song.  Open your widows and doors and enjoy!  (click image to enlarge)



Frame-worthy copies of The August Song (layout and design by my talented husband Aaron of Camby Designs are available for purchase on my website here.