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Hello!  I am so glad that you are interested in doing more with Hark.  It is my prayer that this story becomes a spark for the people in your world, both young and old, to start talking about what it is like to listen to God.  To help kindle those conversations we have put a few resources up – please use them in whatever way will be helpful to you as you dialogue with others about hearing God’s messages. 

We have included a set of high-quality, screen ready jpeg images of the artwork from the story, as well as the music that was scored for our audio book.  If you plan on telling Hark to a large group, these resources will help you do that in style!  



Sharing the story is just the beginning – the really important stuff happens when we enjoy the parts that thrilled our hearts together and then have a safe place to ask and answer questions about God’s messages to us.  I have put a few discussion questions together to help you get those conversations going.  Choose the ones that work for your people, or simply use these as examples to build your own discussion from.  

Hark Discussion Questions
  • Which of the messages that God sent in the book is your favorite/stood out the most to you?  
  • Do you believe that God is still speaking to people?  Why or why not?  
  • God’s messages are not like all the other messages we are bombarded with.  What sets His messages apart from all the others?  What sort of messages does He send?  
  • How do we know we are hearing from God?  
  • When was the last time you personally heard something from God?
  • What new thinking/feeling/or doing took place because of that message?  
  • If it has been some time since you’ve heard from God, talk about why you think that is.
  • What mindsets or actions help you be the best possible listener you can be?  
  • What do you need to hear from God right now?  

I recorded a short video message with some background about the story, check that out to get a better feel for what Hark is really all about.

You’ll also see a link to a free download of a message I spoke on the topic of hearing from God.  Looking at the story of Jacob’s ladder, I pulled out the truth that God is right here, right now, speaking to us…even if we just feel like we are in an in-between place.  No matter where we are or what we are doing, He has messages for us!  Messages that will strengthen us, direct us, re-direct us, encourage us, give us hope, and set us on a mission.  My desire is for this message to inspire you as you lead those you influence to stop more, listen well, and fully receive the messages God is speaking!


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