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Everyone likes free stuff!  Download it, use it, share it, pass it on.  This is just a little taste of some of the writing and voice-jockey projects I have been part of.  

Erin reads Jack “No, Chance Toastypants” the book we wrote and illustrated together.  See the softcover book here.

Our Story (Rich Is… video)
In the Fall of 2013, my home church, Rockford First, did a series entitled “Rich Is…” about how to correctly handle our riches.  The series also addressed the question, “What is rich, really?”  and as part of the answer to that question, our story was shared.  

Download: Hi_Res

Download: Lo_Res

Magic Thread Video
A project I worked on during winter of 2013.  We took an old French folk tale and did something special with it.  I think it turned out wonderfully.  

Download:  Hi_Res
Download: Lo_Res

Cambodia Missions Trip Video
In 2012 I had the privilege of going to Cambodia to serve at In His Steps & Sak Saum, ministries that are making a difference in the fight against human trafficking.  Upon my return, I wrote and narrated this video to share our experiences and rally others to the fight.

Download:  Hi_Res

Download: Lo_Res

The Seeker – story PDF
You may have heard the short parable that goes something like this:  “The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant searching for fine pearls.  When he found one pearl of great price, he went and sold everything he had to buy it.”  This story dives into those two sentences and brings the moment to life.  

Click to view/Right Click to Download: The Seeker

Disney Story Mash Up – PDF
A silly little thing I wrote for a youth retreat; if you like Disney, this will make you smile.  

Click to view/Right Click to Download: Fairy Tale Mash-Up

I am Culture – MP3
This project was definitely a team effort from back in 2006; I have been blessed over the years to work with some incredibly creative and talented people.  We were tasked to write something that would communicate the highs and lows of today’s culture in a creative way.  This is what we came up with.  The final product was performed live, and included images on screens and a crew of performers who were setting scenes to reinforce the words.  

Right Click to Download: I am culture



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