Hark, The Storybook


This is a story about one of God’s messengers — Hark, the messages he is sent to deliver and the people he is sent to deliver them to.  While this is a wonderful book for children, it will resonate with anyone who loves a good story.  This 32 page hardcover storybook has been carefully written by Erin Campbell and beautifully illustrated by Shannon Sutton.

Here is an excerpt from the book – enjoy!

The house was anything but quiet when Hark arrived. Hark waited for the television to be turned off and for the dryer to buzz. He waited for teeth to be brushed and faces to be washed.  He waited for closets and dark corners to be checked for monsters, he waited for lullabies to be sung and waited some more as the baby boy was tucked into his crib.  Hark waited for sweet dreams and deep sleep.  Hark waited for quiet.

 At last, Hark leaned over the baby’s crib.  The little one cooed at the angel, unafraid.  The two locked eyes and Hark quietly delivered his first message.

 “No matter how it feels, you will never be alone.”

 The baby took a deep breath and fell into a restful sleep.

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